Speed & Passion! NASCAR No. 99 Sponsored by CHIGO Ranked NO.2
Overtaking at the top-speed of 300km/h, 3 hours of crazy high-speed chase, V8 engine roaring…
At 7:30 am, July 7, 2017 (Beijing time), the most popular top-level car race NASCAR Camping World Truck Series was officially launched in Kentucky. As a sponsor, CHIGO joined the realistic "speed and passion" together with Toyota, Chevrolet and many other well-known brands. Number 99, Brandon Jones, together with his car,sponsored by CHIGO had an outstanding performance in the practice race, and took the second place finally.
NASCAR is the most popular, hottest and largest car race in North America, and is the top-level car race in the minds of car fans from North America. Each year, about 2,000 games are held in more than 100 race courses in the US, attracts more than 150 million audiences a year, and its TV audience rating is far higher than the sum of the four major league matches in North America. Reputed as "F1" of Americans, it has always been the "site of strategic importance" for the world's first-line brands.
As a global leader in high-end AC industry, for global layout, CHIGO certainly won't miss this opportunity to show on this attracting platform. As a matter of fact, CHIGO has started its globalization many years ago, has left its traces in Canada, Ghana, Dubai, Brazil and many other countries.
This time, CHIGO, as a sponsor of NASCAR, relying on the influence of NASCAR, aims to further demonstrate its brand image as a "high-end AC leader" to North American consumers, strengthen promotion, and further enhance its international popularity. 
CHIGO had a good performance in export in the first quarter of 2017 after the strong sales growth of 120% in North America in 2016.Customs data show that from January to April 2017, CHIGO’s exports to the US achieved a year-on-year growth of 47% both in volume and amount, much higher than the industry average.
In the future, CHIGO will continue to advance the agent help plan, so as to enhance the global promotion and terminal image building and stimulate a new round of global market expansion based on the new strategy of high-end products and brands. 
Li Xinghao Awarded with This Year’s Figure in Craftsman China 2017
On April 23, 2017, the ceremony of Craftsman China Tribute 2017 & the 2nd China’s New Bench-marker Award 2016 was held in Beijing, in which CHIGO Air conditioner was awarded the “Technological Innovation Award of Craftsman China’s Annual 2016”, and Mr. Li Xinghao, Chairman and President of the Board of Directors of CHIGO Group was honored as one of “Craftsman China’s Annual Top 10 Figures”. 
It is reported that, according to the results of the polls on line and the opinions of the evaluation committee of this activity, a group of innovative corporate brands and leading figures that are responsible for the society, lead the economic development, contribute to the construction in the new normal environment, are representative of the trade and influential in the society were selected for the purpose of giving full play to their roles in various trades, encouraging innovation and transformation, exhibiting excellent achievements in various trades as well as pushing forward the healthy development of all trades in our country. 
According to Li Xinghao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CHIGO Group, “The craftsmanship of CHIGO lies in the spirit of devoting the expertise, improving for perfection, rejecting the profiteering attitude, and consolidating for quality and innovation for 24 years.” Today, in the situation where the trade of air conditioners faces transformation and other brands are implementing pluralized strategies, CHIGO Air conditioner keeps on stressing the value battle for its products and services, in which “manufacturing” means “manufacturing with wisdom” and “products” become “high quality products”, with its products made exquisite and perfect enough to meet new demands of customers for the intelligence and healthiness of air conditioners. CHIGO Group has led in the trade to transplant the “craftsmanship” into the innovation of intelligent products, creating several new intelligent technologies in the field of air conditioners from the new series of air conditioners like intelligent clouds, intelligent king, and so on, to air conditioners of first-class efficiency and those of “craftsman-level quality”, this leading the new trend of the high-quality production of air conditioners. The “craftsman-level products with high-quality” emerged as required perfectly combine utmost quality and intelligence, representing the implementation of CHIGO’S “craftmanship”.
Based on the pursuit of independent innovation in technology, CHIGO was the rst innovator in producing air conditioners. Besides the excellence in breaking the record in the field of cooling equipment, CHIGO has succeeded in occupying the first place of technology in the global field of air conditioners with its command of the intelligent clouds, from the production of the first series of intelligent cloud air conditioners to the creation of “world’s most intelligent air conditioners”, and to its championing in a competition between China and other countries. 
Mr. Li Xinghao will continue to lead CHIGO Group to take customers’ demands as the orientation and carry out the advancement, intelligence and customization of products and improve the layouts of its products by way of all-round upgrading of new products, new strategies and new patterns, thus opening up a new battlefield with competitive prices. Driven by the projects of both “Made in China 2025” and “The Belt and Road Initiative” national construction, CHIGO Group will actively implement the strategy of “a powerful country in manufacture” and enhance the gold content of “Made in China”, developing “Made in China” into a new name card of the the country and making CHIGO become a brilliant name card of “Made in China” in the world! 
CHIGO Joins Hands with Jackie Chan for Another Even Greater Ten Years
On April 19, at the “Make ‘Made in China’ Great Again” themed 2017 ‘Made in China’ Innovation and Development Forum & Spokesman Contract Renewal Ceremony with Jackie Chan, CHIGO, one of the four family businesses within the air-conditioning industry, and Jackie Chan jointly announced a new term of brand spokesperson agreement. Both parties would focus on cooperation in the next 10 years and joint hands for CHIGO’s ultimate goal of being a world-class enterprise. 
According to Li Xinghao, Board Chairman and President of CHIGO Group, ‘At the end of 2014, CHIGO signed Jackie Chan as the spokesman for the rst time, marking the new era of “High-end Leadership”. At the new starting point of 2017, CHIGO has decided to renew the cooperation agreement with Jackie Chan, indicating that CHIGO’s strategy based on smart products and high-end oriented brand is getting better and better. Jackie Chan has been a super Chinese star in the world. He is not only the guarantee of high box-of ce but also the unique Chinese symbol on global stages. Last year, Jackie Chan became the first Chinese awarded the Academy Honorary Award, which is an important reason for CHIGO to reselect Jackie Chan. ’ 
Li Xinghao has commented that CHIGO’s development vision will be further expanded from China to the entire world to quickly realize the transformation from capacity construction to capacity output of ‘Made in China’ and nally realize the new strategic intent of “Make ‘Made in China’ Great Again”. 
When speaking of the future of Chinese manufacturing, Li Xinghao pointed out that in order to implement the strategy of being strong in manufacture, promoting the transformation of “Make in China” to “Create in China” it is necessary to take cultural con dence as spirit, the spirit of craftsman as soul, initiative innovation as driving force, intelligent transformation as developing chance and national brand as symbol. 
Li Xinghao reckoned that the initiative innovation is the rst driving force leading the development of manufacture, also the important means to turn the situation of “Make in China” to “Create in China”. If Chinese manufacture is always playing a role of imitator and improver in the 1.0, 2.0 era of global manufacture, then at the arrival of the 3.0, 4.0 era of manufacture, Chinese manufacture will play a role of breaker, innovator and leader in the development of manufacturing. 


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