Ten More Years of CHIGO Hand in Hand with Jackie Chan
In the afternoon of April 19th,2017, CHIGO showed up again in the public focus, hand in hand with Jackie Chan, and blew the world with a renewal of a ten- years contract. With this blowing action to have this international superstar to stay in endorsement for CHIGO for ten more years, CHIGO aims to concentrate its focus on the global market with full use of Jackie Chan’s worldwide appeal and affections. So as to promote output of its products, the CHIGO brand and technology as well as to fasten the establishment of its self-owned brand in the global market. 
According to an annual report published on March 29th by CHIGO Holding Co. Ltd, amount of export in 2016 kept a steady growth. The report shows that OEM products by CHIGO has decreased visibly while CHIGO self-owned brand products has an outstanding growth of 26.2%. In 2016, CHIGO has achieved total overseas sales amount of 3.93 billion RMB, which occupied a percentage of 42.2% of CHIGO total revenue 9.3 billion RMB in 2016. 
As for aims for 2017, Mr. Li indicated that he hopes sales amount in 2017 will increase over ten percent comparing with 2016, and he believes that bene ts of sales in 2017 will be better than 2016. In order to improve the sales in Chinese market, CHIGO will seize the opportunity to promote its overseas market under the guidance of China national policy of “One Belt and One Road.” A successful enterprise should not just focus on manufacturing process, capital mergers, what’s more important is to gure out a road to establish its global self-owned brand, to realize globalized allocation of HR, resources, market, technologies and brand. In 2017, CHIGO’s overseas sales aim is to increase 15%. Mr. Li are very con dent to ful ll the target of realizing sales amount 100 billion RMB in 2020. He said that the development of CHIGO brand around the world needs to consolidate step by step. CHIGO have its endorsement by Jackie Chan and now hand in hand with him for ten more years. This will help CHIGO to win popularity in the overseas market. What’s more, CHIGO will perfect its overseas after sales services network to enhance its reputation. 
Rio De Janeiro Brazil Olympics

We have awesome news for you! Chigo stood out among the international air conditioning brands and successfully won the bid for the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Brazil Olympics! 20,000 Chigo Air Conditioners will be settled in the Rio Olympic Village. This success will add another global milestone project for Chigo! For the full article, visit

DJ Nikko Ramos as Chigo Ambassador

Brand is mentioned in shows of DJ Nikko Ramos (Monday – Thursday; 3-6 pm)


Since 2005, Chigo has been known in the commercial and industrial market because of its value for money strategy. As a growing brand in the Philippines, Chigo continues to expand its retail channels as the products are currently available in MC Home Depot (Ortigas and BGC), Anson’s (Cash and Carry & Cainta), Lazada & A-zone.